At Black Sheep Run, there is something DIFFERENT with how we RUN things. We are a group of runners who believe being called crazy, is a compliment. On the pavement, we believe in challenging the status quo by challenging ourselves with unique race opportunities. Join the SHEEP SQUAD.




In 2013, the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series had a scheduling error that opened up an opportunity to run the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio race in the morning followed by the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas that evening. Around 200 runners decided to take on the challenge of running a morning race then scrambling for a flight to run that evening race. The endurance and traveling logistics were a nightmare and the challengers were called CRAZY. After the completion of the #SA2LV challenge, a small group of crazies banded together to run more of the Rock 'n' Roll races the following year. As we traveled along, we found more and more runners who were made to feel crazy for wanting to travel and run races constantly. The group grew with every race. At some point, there were more people in the group that didn't complete #SA2LV than did. A few of us decided to start a fresh group; an all-inclusive group. Black Sheep Run was born.


With every race around the world, our members are constantly welcoming stray sheep we find along the way. All of us remember the days of traveling to races with our family and friends shaking their heads in wonderment of why we do what we do. Then we found each other and the road was a much happier place for it. 


The goal of Black Sheep Run has always been to make people whom might feel like an outcast in their day to day life, feel like they are part of a new family (albeit a crazy one). As the SHEEP SQUAD grows, we are hoping to partner with more and more companies to get discounts for travel, races, and more. Some thoughts of our future roadmap consists of featuring our member's as guest bloggers on this site, building our instagram via member race story takeovers, and offering awards to outstanding SHEEP SQUAD members.